Terry O'Regan

President, Brains Bioceutical, Canada

Terry O’Regan has an esteemed track record of high performance in the pharma and biotech sectors. Previously as Senior Vice President of the MS Franchise with Biogen, O’Regan returned the franchise back to growth in a highly competitive market. O’Regan also served as the company’s Managing Director of UK and Ireland, where he achieved the highest MS market share in Biogen. He developed a comprehensive portfolio strategy that maximized the potential of Biogen’s MS brands, ensuring the company had the top three most prescribed MS drugs in the United Kingdom.

O’Regan was elected as Chairman of the American Pharmaceutical Industry Group, where he worked tirelessly to position the Life Sciences as a significant contributor to the UK economy, provider of employment and a world leader in drug discovery. He led his team to obtain approval and reimbursement of the first rare disease treatment for SMA, for its full license indication by the National Health Service (NHS), England’s publicly funded healthcare system.

O’Regan is eager to provide evidence-based health solutions for patients and consumers using phyto-cannabinoids. Brains Bioceutical is at the forefront of a radical shift in the health and wellness industries. O’Regan is proud to be working as President at Brains Bioceutical team, using research and empirical data to solidify the company’s leadership and expertise in the use of phyto-cannabinoids to treat major diseases and improve patient outcomes.